Optical Power Monitor

This iVAM module measures power levels of multiple optical circuits in the network. The Optical Power Monitor transmits an alarm when the optical signal falls outside operator-set thresholds. Up to four independent thresholds may be set for each fiber.

A single iVAM module monitors 4 fibers. A double-wide version that monitors 8 fibers is also available. Each Optical Power Monitor can be controlled remotely through the FSXpert System via Ethernet or EIA/RS-232.


  • Continuous testing of fiber optic signals
  • Local or remote management (10BaseT and RS232)
  • Software GUI manages alarms, logs, and reports
  • Transparency to all speeds and protocols
  • TL1 interface protocol available


  • Improve service levels
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase network security

Data Sheets

Optical Power Monitor