Optical Protection Switch

The AB automatic protection switch provides network redundancy. When there is a failure on the primary path, this device automatically switches to an alternative optical path. The switch also provides remote and manual operation.

The dual optical monitors allow the user to know immediately if the main or the alternate fiber has lost its optical signal. The switch is latching, so it will retain its state during a loss of electrical power. An internal microcontroller ensures that the switch does not switch to the opposite state on a power-up and prevents toggling during an intermittent fault condition.


  • FSXpert™ - Automatic/remote/manual switching with power monitoring
  • FSXpert™ 1U Rack Mount - Up to 8 optical protection switches, non-modular
  • LGX - Automatic/manual switching; fits in standard LGX chassis
  • FSW - Automatic/manual switching; fits in standard ADC VAM chassis


  • 850/1310 nm Multimode, and 1310/1550/1625 nm Singlemode
  • Automatic, manual, and remote operation
  • Protocol independent (SONET, ATM, GigE, etc.)
  • 5 ms switching speed
  • -48 Vdc or 100-250 VAC operation


  • Fiber optic line and laser protection
  • Automatic LAN/WAN router sparing
  • CATV, and Telecom networks
  • Corporate data centers

Data Sheets

Optical Protection Switch FSXpert™ Styles
Optical Protection Switch FSW and LGX Styles